Coded with Love


This website has an incredible history. This was designed,developed & deployed in less than a month. It uses Bootstrap framework throughout. The animations are powered by Three.js & Anime.js. The desired effects took more than 2 weeks to implement. There are no dependencies on the homepage. Everything you see is rendered directly onto the HTML5 Canvas with WebGL and is overridden by CSS when needed. Every time you load this website you are calling 12 different JavaScript and over 10000+ lines of cod3. Since it renders all the effects realtime, it uses you GPU and vRAM to do the magic.

>-- Special Mentions --<
Shoan Motwani and Anshika Mishra.
Shoan helped with getting started and backend hassle while Anshika helped me get a better understanding of JS. Also my roommates Nishant & Aarti. Their constant need to play Monopoly,drink and make me eat cookies despite being on a diet is what kept me alive, mostly. Also a huge shout out to the understanding friends & family who I ditched while this baby was being taken care off. Thank You!

Three.js &

The two new friends I made along the way. What started as a lonely Friday night session finally made its way into this website. Being a Visual Fanatic, I love anything & everything around me. Three.js opened new possibilities into what Chrome can deliver. There were times I would have to stop developing and cool my MacBook Pro. Until WebGL was optimized all my four cores shot up to 99' Celsius and I would use my laptop as a blanket heater. This is what 4 hours of sleep a day looks like. If you are reading this you really want to know me more & collaborate, Say Hello when you can.

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